My Top 5 Brunch Buffet Tips


Brunch is a verb; you don’t go to brunch, you DO brunch. And nobody does brunch better than my family. We may workout like fools, but damn do we know how to eat — especially if it’s a holiday or birthday. For Easter this year my parents and I drove to the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel and indulged in the hotel’s Easter brunch buffet: no time limit, bottomless mimosas (in my case, champagne), and food everywhere. Indulgence never looked so tasty.

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Beachbody Ultimate Reset


A little over a month ago I participated in a bar crawl and day-drank my afternoon away (typical). That night after sitting in the bathroom contemplating if I would ever feel normal again, I stumbled into my room, started seeing stars, and hit the ground at the foot of my bed.

Luckily a bruised knee and ego were the repercussions. But that moment proved to me I needed a lifestyle change…and fast. Continue reading